Online Traffic School

Online traffic school is a simple and effective way for courts to educate traffic offenders on laws, consequences of poor driving, and defensive driving strategies.  Several factors separate our traffic school from the others:

  1. We take the time to create courses specific to the State in which the court resides by researching various laws and regulations.
  2. We keep it affordable.  We want to educate traffic offenders, not drain their pockets.  We charge one price and have absolutely no upsells.
  3. We automatically notify the court when someone has completed the course, eliminating the need for repeat visits and the problem of lost mail.
  4. We keep it convenient.  Our platform works on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  5. Our course is performance driven.  In order to complete the course users have to show proficiency by correctly answering questions on each topic.
  6. We provide courts with access to the course records for their defendants.

Our personnel have over 15 years of experience in instructing and providing traffic schools.  For courts that don’t have a traffic school program, or are unhappy with their current offering, we can help set up a traffic school program at no cost to the court.

Currently we provide this service to multiple courts in Utah through our flagship traffic school,